Saturday, November 13, 2010

Add 50 Pounds To Your Bench In A Month


The bench press is the king of exercises, along side with the deadlift and squat. The bench press builds your chest, triceps, and front delts. Benching is great for muscle building, strength building, and endurance training for these muscle groups. And since the most popular question in the gym is, "Whaddaya bench"? Who doesn't want to have an answer like, 300? This article will tell you how to add up to 50 pounds to your bench in a month. To the bar!

Max-OT Training

The first thing that you are going to need to do, to rack up those numbers, is Max-OT training. What this means is, you do lesser reps with very heavy weights. Lifting at 80 to 90 percent of your 1 RM. This will apply the most stress to your muscles, and cause them to grow and get stronger faster.


True, compound exercises are the best to build the most muscle the fastest. But if you are looking to add 50 pounds to your bench, you're going to have to do some isolation exercises. The areas you will have to isolate are: front and middle delts, all heads of the triceps, upper chest, lower chest, and back. Here is a quick possible exercise list

-Shoulder press, decline push up, lateral raise

-Dips, kickbacks, pushdowns

Upper Chest:
-Incline bench, incline dumbbell bench, decline push up, incline fly

Lower Chest:
-Decline bench, decline dumbbell bench, decline fly, incline push up

-Inverted row, lat pulldown, dumbbell row, barbell row, reverse fly

Focus on all of the supporting groups for the chest, and you will surely increase your bench drastically in no time at all.

Get Enough Rest

If you don't give your muscles the time to recover, so they can get stronger and bigger, then your workout will be wasted. This will prevent you from ever seeing any gains, and could actually decrease muscle and strength. Take at least 3 days off in between working out your chest, preferably 5. Since you are lifting so heavy, and with such a high percentage of your max.

Dynamic Lifting

Another thing that you might want to try is doing some dynamic lifting. This focuses on the explosion portion of the rep. Which in this case is lifting the bar off of your chest. To do dynamic lifting, choose a weight that is 30 to 50 percent of your max to start, you can work your way up. Lower it to your chest, and then explode it off as fast and with as much power as you can. Start with 3 sets of 6. Increase as you get better.

Follow these tips, and you will be sure to impress some people with your numbers.

If you have any tips or questions, feel free to comment.

Dedication is Everything.

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