Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sprint Your Way To Victory (Beginners Workout)


Lets get sprinting!
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When it comes to weight loss, or just gaining speed for your sport, sprinting is the way to go. But not just any sprints will do, you need to do High Intensity Interval Training. Commonly abbreviated as HIIT. This type of sprinting induces maximum effort, and therefore maximum results. Grab you shoes, and hit the track.

The Routine:

Start off with a brisk 3 min jog. Go at about 50% of your max, you don't want to burn yourself out yet, the worst is yet to come. Remember to execute proper form when running, this will be in a post soon if you don't know the proper form.

After you have warmed up good, now you must stretch. Stretching is absolutely crucial to any sport. Whether it be football, wrestling, track, etc. It increases your flexibility, giving you a greater range of motion. You can have a farther stride when you run, kick higher, jump higher, and a lot more. Be sure to stretch each muscle for at least 10 seconds, but not more than a minute.

Now for the actual workout. Brace yourself, cause after you're done, your sides will hurt, your legs will be sore, and your chest will be on fire.

Ready, Set, Drop.

Run at your max speed for 30 seconds. Don't sacrifice form. If you can't maintain good form, then slow down a bit.
Take a 30 second break. This doesn't mean stop, just take it down to a light jog.
Repeat. You heard me.
Continue this for 20 minutes to start, and as you progress you can increase difficulty.

This may not look very hard in writing, but once you get outside and actually try to do it, then you will be complaining that it's too hard.

Dedication is Everything.

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