Sunday, October 17, 2010

What Are The Dangers Of Supplements?


The dangers are there, you just have to find them...

Almost half of Americans use some kind of dietary supplement. Whether it be to build muscle, lose weight, or just a multivitamin. But a common assumption leads these people to think that these supplements are always safe, simply because they are "all natural". Well this is a gross overstatement, and supplements can be quite dangerous. Take this event for example:

That's what Caroll Radford thought. She'd just gotten a clean bill of health from doctors. But hoping to ward off winter colds, she tried a natural supplement touted as an amazing immune booster -- Yew Tree Tea. She drank a cup every day for two weeks and then had a seizure. Four weeks later, she was dead. 

Still think they are always safe? I didn't think so. Now I am not going to talk about any specific products, and cut down the companies name. Cause it may not have even been the companies fault, it could have been caused by and outside event. Completely out of the companies control.

But everything in life has risks, and all you need to do is a little research before you go out and buy that supplement that makes you invincible to a cold. Read about it on the companies website. Find some stuff on other websites, such as forums and blogs. See what other people say, and then decide if it's really worth buying. 

If you do start to encounter any symptoms from the products, be sure to discontinue use, and contact the company immediately. Or see your doctor if the symptoms are severe. Just remember to be safe, and do your research. 

Dedication is Everything.

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