Friday, October 1, 2010

Run Long, and Run Fast


Run long, and run fast.
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Sprinting is an excellent way to help boost your bodies fat burning ability, and increase your short term speed. But running long distance can be very useful. Especially if you run track, cross country, or compete in an endurance sport such as wrestling. This article will tell you a little bit about how to run long, and run fast, to help increase speed, endurance, and still burn fat.

First, you need to choose a set distance to do every time you go out for a run. This can be one mile, two miles, or ten miles. As long as it's the same distance each time, it doesn't matter. The reason you need to keep it the same is so you can work on increasing speed for distance running. Along with still burning fat during this process.

After you have decided how far you want to run, go out and do a test run. The test run will be to determine what your time is when you first start running, and to see how your progress is going. Before you run, make sure you warm up, but do not stretch. Maybe a few light, very brief stretches, but not an in depth session. The reason being is that research has shown that stretching before you run can cause you to tear muscles and ligaments. Which will greatly hinder your workout. After you warm up, use something to time yourself. A watch, iPod, or phone maybe. See how long it takes you to run your chosen distance.

Now that you have your base time, decide how often you want to run. It should be at least two times a week, but no more than five. You don't want to damage your knees or get shin splints. Also, when you are running, try and run on dirt or soft ground if you can.

Time for improvement. Now that you have your time, figure out how much time you want to shave off of that each run. Make it something reasonable, and that you know you can attain. Try something like 5 or 10 seconds to start, and go to bigger increments as you progress.

This pattern of running will help you to run far, but will allow you to run fast as well. Making you a lethal weapon when it comes time to competing. You will leave the competition in the dust, literally.

Thank you for reading run long, and run fast.

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