Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why You Should Tan


Oh, what a tan can do.
A good tan can make anyone look great. But it can also play some tricks with your eyes, and add a few pounds of mass to your appearance. Not to mention that it really brings out the muscle definition, and makes you look much more ripped. So even if you don't have 6% body fat and a good amount of muscle, and tan can make you like nice and cut. 

The best type of tan that you should get of course is a natural tan. One that you get just by laying out underneath the sun on a sunny day. If you haven't tanned much, or ever, then just lay out for about 15 minutes on each side. Don't overdo it, or you'll get burned, and that's no fun at all.

The second option, which is less favorable, is going to a tanning salon and using a tanning booth. This is less favorable because it exposes you to far too high of an intensity of UV rays in a short period of time. But you can use a tanning booth if it is winter time, or there is no sun. Other wise grab a towel and head outside.

The last option is self tanning. This is great if you don't want to take any chances, especially with tanning booths, and to still have that tanned, ripped look. Just go to a store, large retailers or a cosmetic store will have the self tanning spray. Or you can find something online. Then just pick out a shade that fits your skin, and enjoy the look.

There you go, why you should tan. Now what are you waiting for?

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