Monday, September 27, 2010

15 Negative Calorie Foods


Now don't these look awesome?

Negative calories, what's that? Well, just in case you are wondering, negative calories refers to a food that burns more calories than it provides. Which for many people, is a good thing. Since you burn some calories, this can help lead to more weight loss. But if you are building muscle, then it can hurt you, since you need to make sure you get a surplus of calories. Anyway, here is a list of 15 negative calorie foods to help you lose those pounds. 

-Hot Chili Peppers

Celery is probably the most popular one in there, but many of the other ones, not so much.

Just snack on these when ever those cravings set in, and you'll be slim in no time!

Please Note: negative calories is a somewhat controversial subject, and one hundred percent evidence that they actually burn more calories than they provide has not been established. But there is heavy evidence that says they do. Best advice is to just eat them anyway, since they are all healthy fruits and vegetables.

Dedication is Everything.

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