Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Race Across America


Some fabulous scenery along the way as well.
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Just to honor the Furnace Creek 508 post, here is a little something about the Race Across America. Which is an even longer, and harder event than Furnace Creek. I am going to highlight what the race is, how long it is, and where it goes. 

First, what is the Race Across America? Well, it is an ultra endurance, transcontinental road biking marathon. It is one of the longest bike races in the world. The race is every year in mid june. It started way back in 1982. The Race Across America is probably harder than the Tour De France. Since it is 30% longer, it has no stages, and is non stop with no rest days. Once you get on the bike, the only reason you get off is to use the bathroom, eat, or fall to the ground because there is no way you can pedal anymore. It's that long.

OK. Well how long is it? The Race Across America is more than 3,000 miles, from the west to east coast of the United States. This race is only for the best of the best, and then some. Here is an excellent quote from the RAAM website," Truly, RAAM is larger than life. A breeding ground for champions, a testing ground for elite riders, and a shining example of the strength of human spirit". Those are some very inspiring words right there. Kinda makes you want to get on the road right now and start training doesn't it?

So where does this race go? First, it starts in the west coast. In Oceanside, CA at the Oceanside Pier. As I said earlier, it is more than 3,000 miles long. It passes through 14 states, with widely varying terrains, everything from the mountains of Colorado, the plains of Kansas, and the rolling hills of West Virginia. The race ends in Annapolis, MD at the City Dock. Where you officially pass one of the hardest races there is. 

So you think you're ready for this challenge? Actually, the majority of the racers are just average people. So head on over to the website, get registered, pay the entrance fees, and get training!

Dedication is Everything.

RAAM website 

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