Saturday, September 11, 2010

How To Not Be Sore After A Workout


How to not be sore after a workout.

We've all had those days. Where we go to the gym, put in a real good workout. Then we take our protein supplement. Go to bed and the next morning you're so sore you can hardly get out of bed. If this has happened to you, then you should read this article.


No, I'm not talking about the kind on a cake. I'm talking about going into your bathroom, filling the tub with cold water, and sitting in it for about ten minutes. But there is some controversy about this method. Some people say that it has absolutely no effect on your muscles and how they repair. Then some people, would swear by it and say that it truly makes a difference. I believe it does.

How To Do It:
-Fill your bathtub up so it has enough water to cover the area you want to not be sore.
-Now set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes, don't go to long in it. We're not trying to freeze ourselves.
-Then sit in it, obviously.
-Here you have a choice. When you get out, you can A) just dry off. OR B) you can drain the bathtub really quick, fill it with hot water, and then sit in that. Though this works better if you have two bathtubs. If you do, then you can switch between each one every few minutes. Some believe that this is more effective.


This is a commonly overlooked method to not be sore. Also it will help you maintain flexibility. Before each workout you should warm up good, and stretch very thoroughly. After each exercise (set) you do, stretch the muscle group you worked. Then after your workout, cool down and do another thorough stretch session. This will help a lot.

Drink Water

Make sure that you drink a lot of water. At least 10 glasses a day. This will help keep toxins out and remove some lactic acid from your body. Lactic acid is what accounts for the soreness.

There you are, just follow those simple steps on how to not be sore after a workout, and you will feel much better. And you won't be stiff as a log either.

Keep dedicated!

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