Friday, September 3, 2010

Starting A Workout Program, Part 1


One word. Dedication. I am going to reiterate this a million times, I can guarantee it. But, I can also guarantee, that if you understand the meaning of the word, you will get the body of your dreams. Not one thing in this world can ever be accomplished without dedication, along with motivation. If you have no dedication to workout out, why would you? There's no point to it, right? Wrong! Working out is one of the most important things that must be done as part of your daily life.

Now, the first step to creating a workout program is determining your goal. Do you want to lose 20 pounds of fat? Do you want to gain 20 pounds of muscle? Do you want to get leaner? Do you want to get stronger?

Once you've thought of a goal that you like, and will continue to like. Then you can set a goal for that goal, sort of a sub-goal. But make sure that you keep it reasonable, if you do not, then you will be discouraged that you are not getting the gains you hoped for, and you will quit. So don't try and lose that 20 pounds in a week, cause it ain't happening alright. Try and make it some thing like 1-2 pounds a week, this is feasible, and you won't get discouraged as easily. Later on I will go into the specifics of all of this, and how to do it, but lets just get started first.

Maybe you want to put on 20 pounds of muscle. Make your goal 1 pound a week, as this is possible, and you, again, will not be discouraged. If your trying to get leaner. Try making your goal to drop 1% body fat every week or two.

Ok, now that you have your goal all set up and ready to go. You can begin to develop a workout routine, which will be covered in the next post, so stick around! Good luck!

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