Monday, September 20, 2010

The Furnace Creek 508


What a fabulous view!
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This is a follow up from the last post, the Badwater Ultra Marathon. In which I said I would give more info about the Furnace Creek 508. So here it is. 

This is a very aptly named ultra marathon road bike race event. Since it takes place in Southern California, crosses through the Mojave Desert, and Death Valley, hence the name Furnace Creek. Now the 508 simply comes from the fact that it is 508 miles long. This is no easy race, and it is one of the major qualifiers to be able to compete in the Race Across America. Which is even harder than Furnace Creek.

During the Furnace Creek you have to endure the blistering heat of Death Valley and the Mojave. It takes place every year during the first or second week of October. You had better get training.

This event is backed by the phrase, "The Toughest 48 Hours In A Sport". I would have to agree.

Dedication is Everything.

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