Sunday, September 26, 2010

How To Workout While You Are Sick


Fall and winter are fast approaching, which means the cold and flu season is about to begin yet again. This can pose as a problem. First of all, because it means you will probably get sick. Which is no fun at all, and drags you down for days or weeks on end. Quite the damper on your life. Secondly, it means that you can't workout! Because almost any doctor will tell you to take it easy, rest, and refrain from any physical activity. But that's where this article comes in. Here's how to workout while you are sick.

Step One:

Make sure that you get enough fluids. This means water, juices, and tea. Not soda, coffee, or milkshakes. Keep them healthy. What the fluids do is flush the virus out of your system faster, and help increase your bodies reaction to fighting it off. That way you can be working out at full capacity in no time!

Step Two:

Rest, but not too much. Just make sure that you get enough quality sleep, and that in general, you take it easy. That way when it comes to working out, you can go harder.

Step Three:

Alright, how to workout while you are sick. First, the warm up. You don't want to burn yourself out before you even get started. Just do something light. Maybe some drills, a very light 5 minute run on the treadmill, or a quick jump rope session.

After you do that, do some light stretching. You don't want to pull any muscles or ligaments. Stretching is good for your general health anyway.

Step Four:

Now, you can get started with your routine. But, since you've got the sniffles, we're going to change it up a tad. As far as sets and reps go, those can stay the same. Or if you want, you can take some off. But the weight and intensity is what we are going to change.

First, how much weight to change. Instead of lifting at 70%, 80%, or 85%, today, you're just going to lift at 45%. This way you can still work your muscles, and not risk getting yourself sicker. You're not trying to build muscle today, just maintain it.

Now, if you are on a weight loss routine. All you're going to do is cut the time and intensity in half. If you normally run for 30 minutes at 7 mph. Then today, you will run for 15 minutes at 3.5 mph. Again, you still get a workout, just not a hard one. Although, unlike muscle, you still might burn some fat.

There you have it. How to workout while you are sick. Just take your time and stay with it.

Dedication is Everything.

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