Monday, September 13, 2010

Keep Going With It (and contest info)!



Keeping with your workout for the first few weeks is not easy, but once you get past those few weeks, it's a breeze. Because by then it has become a habit to go to the gym regularly. I like to call these first few weeks of a new workout program, initiation. This is where the people that are truly determined to be fit, surpass the ones who are just doing to go with the crowd, or to look cool. As I have said before, you must do it for yourself. Nothing else. 

Do you think I was just able to put this blog together, and then it would design and type itself? No, I don't think so. I had to put in a lot of hard work, effort, and DEDICATION! I spend all of my free time working on this blog, and marketing it every single way I can. To help get the word out about it, so everyone can be fit. It would be great if you pass the word on. Such as a Tweet, a post on Facebook, Stumble, or a Digg. All of this would be wonderful. Because, with your help, this can be the main resource when it comes to fitness and nutrition. That would be absolutely amazing.

I have also been considering creating a contest, to see who can genuinely market the website the best, and help create the most awareness for it. If you are interested, and would like me to seriously consider it, then leave a comment. Also, if you have ideas for a good prize, leave a comment for that too! If enough people agree, then I will write up some stuff for it.

Help us become the number one resource on the web!

Keep dedicated!

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